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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 26, 2017 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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as politicians in washington, battle over health care, supporters on both side, rallied here in philadelphia and all over the country. hear their messages coming up. and, it is a tail of two very different weekend days when it comes to the weather, warm yesterday and now chill i changes are settling in. today is sunday march 26th , good morning, carabao. a breezy start to our day, too so lets get over to meteorologist justinyewitness wr forecast, good sunday morning, exat canh. we have warm days and then cool days. yesterday we made it to 77 degrees, macing stuff. today 30 degrees drop in the high temperature. we will be stuck in the 40's.
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cool breeze off the ocean. this time of the year atlantic ocean is at its coldest hanging out in the lower 30's and wind off water, getting nasty the coast, breezy at times. not a whole lot of rain but it will be off and on drizzle, brief shower at tim a dreary day. look at that 43 at the airport in philadelphia east wind at 12, feels like 37. that is not bad for this time of the morning but mid afternoon these numbers will not change. we will be stuck in the 40's. thirty's in mount pocono. we have to be concerned about a little bit of freezing drizzle possible this morning, everybody else, well above freezing, 39 in quakertown. forty-one in pottstown. is there storm scan three. overcast skies, most of the showers are reaching the ground, well to the north but there could be spotty drizzle to deal with in the morning and afternoon so below average temperatures today, running a good 10 degrees below average. we have a coole terly wind flow off atlantic. dreary conditions. off and on drizzle at times.
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forecast high is about 48 degrees, for philadelphia, breezy at the shore, with a high of 47. we will be in thein runners for this morning for the half marathon the love run , actually pretty good. you like it cool. temperatures in the 40's. we may have to haveat drizzle. we will hang out in the mid 40 's throughout the entire race. we will talk about more rain this week coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes , jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. supporters of the president trump held a make america great rally in fail and other cities all across the country. but as "eyewitness news" reporter aly us things got out offhanded when opponents of the president showed up. >> u.s.a. >> reporter: around the country unity among supporters. >> trump was elected and we need to stand by. >> reporter: thousands showed up nationwide to several scheduled make america great again rallies. >> there has been so much anti trump negativity, going on, so many rallies, and protests,
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protesting everything, i cannot even keep track of anymore that i think people felt it was our turn. >> u.s.a. >> reporter: this pro trump phi. >> three months in the making now we have been trying to do this. >> reporter: but was quickly taken over. hundreds of the anti trump protesters chanting over pro rac at one point, when protesters o smoke. police in philadelphia ending the rally early but only issuing two cio disorderly conduct. clash here far more peaceful then clash between trump supporters and anti trump protesters in california. the clash there ending in an all o alycia knee he have v for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ly> organizers with the make right here in philadelphia
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tell "eyewitness news" they did consider canceling the event concerned it would turn in the chaos that ultimately unfolded. meantime, president trump says he can still put together another health care plan, on friday, the current bill failed to get enough g.o.p. support to come to a vote in the house. andrewtnc for republicans on capitol hill. >> reporter: president doubles down on saturday on his statement that obama care will explode, but friday, congress failed to pass a republican bill to reform the affordable care act calling into question whether the trump administration will be able to get one passed at all. >> we will be living with obama care for foreseeable future. i don't know how long it will take. >> reporter: lindsey graham said in a town hall meeting saturday that the president need to reach across the aisle to get something done. >> i think the president should reach out to democrats, i should reach out to democrats and we should say let's take a shot at doing this together, because it ain't working it doing it by
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ourselves. >> reporter: president donald trump said wow work with democrats on the bill but his tone wasn't conceal try. >> it would be good if the democrats say it explode, if they got together with us, and got a real, health care bill, i would be totally up to it. >> reporter: president blames democrats for not engaging with the process of dismantling the affordable care act abe process which senator gram heavily criticized. >> does it sound familiar that people were being threatened te yes. yes. it sound like obama care to me that is why i didn't like bit. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer,eporti. women and several children other kay after escaping a fast moving house fire in toms river, new jersey, flames ripped through a two story home on the 1700 block of the court, on friday afternoon. police say woman called nine is 11 to report the fire was spreading from a lower level.
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everyone did get out of that house unharmed, the causender investigation. everyone is also safe, after this two alarm fire in medford township, new jersey. police responded to these town homes on wentworth court after 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. eyewitss those flames. fortunately everybody inside escape unharmed, fire crews placed those flames under control in 90 minutes. and new this morning, a fire has been put under control here in kensington, fire fighters responded to a call, at around 2:30 this morning to a building at g and ontario streets. thithin a half an hour, no injuries have been reported. two fallen philadelphia fire fighters are being honored with a mural, images of joyce craig and james himes were paint by children and tacony on the philadelphia saturday n2014, craig was first female philadelphia fire fighter to died in the line of duty. terry mcgillvey in 97.of duty
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heinz grew up in northeast neighborhood where they were assigned. re state champions. here's basketball high school team, squad is returning to reading after last night's game with a lot of celebration there red knights played pine richland in the 6a state finals at hershey's giant center. check outline walker with an easy dunk in the fourth quarter, they goes, the knights came out on top with the 64-60 victory. >> if i can take this medal and place tonight every single home in reading, i wish i could but this is for them. i cannot thank anyone else. >> we finally did it. >> lonnie walker recorded as one of the country's top high school players has signed to play at the university of miami. congratulations to all of them now to the girls 5a championship game between archbishop wood and trinity, they also played last night in
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hershey, the archbishop lady vikings were looking for back to back titles after winning in the lower division last year. vikings scored first nine points of the game. the girls from archbishop wood joined the boys team from state champions with the 34-26 victory, congrats on to them. thousands of runners are getting ready to pound the pavement this morning, they will take part in the philadelphia love run, half marathon. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at art museum where race is scheduled to start in just under two hours now, anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan , yes. we are here at the starting line of the fourth annual love run which will kick off in just under two hours, where 10,000 runners will be hitting the pavement for this fourth year, joining me now is michelle, who is race director there are changes to the race course this year, correct. >> we are so excited, yes. changes are all good. we are saying more center city less hills. we have taken out all but one hill and we go up jfk down
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market. it is spectacular. every site we will see in philadelphia. >> reporter: excellent. you said weather even though it is cold outside today, better then it has been in the past four years. >> it is best, first year typhoon and next few years were 19, 20 degrees. this is balmy compared to those two years. >> so we have been doing this for four years, 10,000 runners this year. where is money going and how much have you raised over the past few years. >> we have two forms to give back. first one is this year and last year, fairmount park conservancy each year they receive $25,000. they will accept another check today. over the four years we have raised about $225,000 for local groups and if they volunteer there is different things that they can do to raise money and then that is how we have reached that goal of 225. it is spectacular because it is all local money. >> reporter: so much preparation goes into it. one race, end, another preparation begin. >> yes. >> reporter: but as a runner
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yourself what kind of training goes into something like this. 13 miles, that is a lot. >> it is exceptionally exciting, magical for new runners. this is a huge women race, about 70 percent is women and a lot of them are new. so exciting. they are training. they probably start training in october, so they will go light, through the fall and winter and then last 12 weeks is where they pick up their training. they will hopefully finish strong. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. you will see a familiar face at the race, our own rahel solomon will be running the race. we will catch up with her not literally, actually you, but we will catch up with her after the race. for now live at the art museum , neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> yes, we are cheering her on as well as thousands of others thanks very much. we will see you later in the show. well, still to come this morning remembering carrie fisher and debbie reynold when "eyewitness news" continues, we will show you public memorial celebrating their lives. landmarks across the globe
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turn off their lights and turn up awareness, saturday night, justin. good sunday morning, everyone waking up to dreary conditions, literally today but several more rain chances on the way for the workweek. we will time it ou
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back now, landmarks all around the world turned off their power for earth hour. occasion marks 10 years since earth hour began, each year for one hour, electrolytes, and 7,000 cities across 172
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countries are turned off, focusing public attention on climate change and save a few meg watts in the process. it is brainchild of the worldwide life fund which has been doing this since 2007. meteorologists are warning of a dangerous weather in parts of the midwest and south in the coming weeks. this weekend, the tornado destroyed homes in arkansas and national weather service says it plans to look into whether a tornado destroyed a church in louisiana. another round of severe storms is expected for residents in ans today. justin, is that the same weather that will be impacting us. >> yes, it will, and monday into tuesday and that doesn't lo l big severe threat. >> good. >> but we may get a thunderstorm tuesday afternoon with that air returning but today different story, just blah, dreary, ugly finish to the weekend. good day to stay inside, get some shopping, housework done, mist at times, drizzle through morgue and afternoon. no big soaking rain chances to
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day looking live at the parkway where they are getting ready for the lovein center citl conditions if you are a runner we have temperatures on the cool side in the 40's. but it is a chill in the air. need heavier coat, dodge att bis isn't the headline, cool, dreary. we will have a wet start to the week. better rain chance's live tonight, monday into tuesday in the form of widespread scattered showers, like i said maybe even a tuesd afternoon up and down temperatures, we have a front kind of going all over the place, cool front to the south, so we are in the cool air mass but tomorrow it looks like a warm front and we will warm things up. yesterday outside upper 70's, even with the cloud around, wye saw enough sunshine to get us to 77 degrees in philadelphia, upper 70's in cold air was ther, front came through last night and felt difference, today's high, stuck in the 40's, across the delaware valley. reason is that ocean temperature 42 degrees, flow doming off the water, so we
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of stuck in across the north east. we are lower 40's over most locations, mid 40's south jersey and dover, delaware. but these numbersil change, much at all, if we're lucky we will get to the upper 40's. south of the front we will get to the 50's. hefty-seven in pittsburgh, how ocean warmer it it gets. that warm front will pass back north tomorrow and we will feel that milder air mass. steady showers and even some freezing rain up to our north, southern tear of new york state, that will continue to push off to the north and east not much showing up on radar. tough to pick up drizzle bull there could be a few pockets in the morning and afternoon. rain chances, 30 percent chance for that shower, mainly during the day, better chance increase tonight, 70 percent chance for scattered showers around tomorrow especially first half of the day and then gannon tuesday, some afternoon showers, maybe even a thunderstorm and then we will finally dry it out and clear out for wednesday when we will see some full sunshine. overcast skies today, little bit of pockets of light,
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freezing drizzle in the mountains this morning. this afternoon we will see spotty showers, popping up but then increase in coverage. but tomorrow morning will be a little bit of the wet commute, especially north of the town, get to lehigh valley and berks county could see steadier shower there. they will through the city as well by the afternoon. more rain to come for tuesday. temperatures today, we are talking about it stuck in the 40's about 30 degrees colder then yesterday's hide but tomorrow morning they will start to climb, until we get warmer air pushing in early in the day and then temperatures tomorrow, back into the upper 50's, maybe some spots could hit 70 degrees, for highs on monday, typical, classic march forecast up and down temperatures. drizzle toll day, cloudy and cool, 48 degrees, tonight, not much change, dropping down to 46 with the cloud around and better chance of showers. tomorrow, 66, some showers, a few peaks, 72, shower or storm , full sun for wednesday and thursday and then another storm and showers in here on friday, so pretty active pattern as we head into the
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start of the april next weekend, jan. >> indeed, thanks justin. friend and family have paid their final respects to joan i sledge, funeral services were held in north philadelphia, jed for sledge, a member of the philadelphia based singing group, sister sledge, city council woman janey blackwell was among dignitaries, who attended the service at deliverancee van list church. joni sledge died march 10th at 60 year-old. hundreds of people gathered in los angeles to honor lives of the actor debbie reynolds and her daughter carrie fisher. they died a day apart in late september. reporter jean a path he will has more on how family, friend and fans paid tribute the two beloved duo. >> ♪ singing in the rain >> reporter: how do you pay tribute to two women larger than life on the screen but larger then life in person, but fisher and his family have been thinking about since his sister and mother passed away
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in december. >> you pay tribute by showing all of the great home movies, all of the pictures that carrie, debbie and i filmed. >> ♪ >> reporter: filled the day with music, dance, and, dan a aykroyd and rita lee to share their favorite memories. >> they filled their lives with great accomplishments and brought joy to people all across the world. >> reporter: fisher says he never saw his mother, turn a fan away, she considered them to be part of her extended family. so he knew she would want fans to be part of this celebration >> here's a chance where we can all get together like family and have an event like family. >> it is amaze ago this they are doing that for us. really is, it takes a lot of effort and i'm glad that they let us grief with them. >> reporter: this event made them appreciate the two ladies even more. >> their talent, their giving nature, their personality, it is larger then life.
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>> reporter: fans don't want to say good bye to these beloved actresses but they are glad to have character that they left behind. >> you just see so much star wars, but she really meant a lot. >> ♪ >> reporter: that was tina patel reporting. reynolds was well men for collecting hollywood memorabilia throughout her life, todd fisher says the family will display much of it along with memorabilia owned by carrie at the debbie reynold dance studio in north hollywood. still ahead this sunday morning it could be feature of food delivery, see what is coming tour door. it turns out it is a robot bringing
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at ententerprise car salese it.d next vehicle purchase? and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back, fans of country music do not forget the 52nd annual academy of country music award is on sunday april 2nd at 8:00 p.m., you can watch it right here live on cbs-3. and, starting tomorrow, you could win a pair of tickets to a hot country concert coming to philadelphia , tune into cbs this morning on monday to find out how you can enter to win. well well, self driving robots are making food deliver is in where else, but silicone valley, california. carter evans was there to see how the new technology works. >> reporter: when it comes to tech it takes a lot to turn head in silicone valley. and this new delivery robot is getting a lot of looks. >> we encounter hundreds of people every single day in red
6:24 am
wood city and i'll tell you reactions are best part of our day. >> reporter: justin hoffman is head of the operation for robot designer star ship technologies, the company has already hundreds of robots on the road around the world. now, half dozen has hit the sidewalks of california, to start making food deliveries for door dash. >> highly recommend it. >> reporter: we ordered from a restaurant about a half mile a way. and then followed the robot. >> so it is referencing a math of this area. >> yes, every time we launch in a new city the robot captures this information as it goes along conducting mapping, it has cameras, sonar sensors right now. >> right now it is able to go on its own. >> reporter: for now it has a human handler nearby and controlled remotely to make sure that it stays, safe, secure. >> i have a question for you, it has detection, if i walk around and in front of it what will happen.
6:25 am
>> it will stop. >> reporter: after a restaurant worker pack our order, the robot delivers. >> unlock. >> reporter: unlocks with my phone. >> it means it is good to go. >> reporter: but they have size limitations and can only travel a couple of miles, so door dash co founder stanley pang said these are not job killers. are robots going to replace delivery people for door dash. >> no, we see robots as something very complimentary to our human dashers. we are taking order that couriers don't like to take on because there is not a lot of tips associated with this and tips largely drive the value for the couriers and other people. >> reporter: so for now at least the scales are still tipped toward humans. carter evans, cbs news for redwood city, california. what will they think of next. it is making us lazy. coming up next on "eyewitness news". >> supporters of the president trump hold rallies across the country, a day after the
6:26 am
republican bill to replace obama care was pulled from the house, i'm wendy gilette in new york city with the story coming up. i'm pat gallen at academy of music where a popular broadway play is underway. just ahead we will go behind the scenes to show you painstaking details to put together a major traveling tour. after a day in the upper 70's it is back to chilly weather today, justin's timing out chances for rain, at the end of the weekend, that is when "eyewitness news" continues.
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news police in senate are looking for one or more shooters after a gunfire erupt s at a nightcluble wer shot ande person was killed, police say it happened around 2:00 this morning inside of cameo nightclub, police believe there were at least a couple of shooters, so far there is no word on an arrest ored shoott cincinnati police say they have had trouble there i'mef jan carabao. meteorologist justin drabick is cbs-3 sky deck with the eyewitness weather forecast, kind of a >> yesterday morning this time we were talking about it feeling like spring outside,
6:30 am
different story this morning, back to the latetype feel and rain coming in the forecast. big switch in the wind direction coming off the ocean now compared to yesterday'saket. we will struggle to get to the upper 30' this afternoon. compared to this time yesterday morning we are 9 degrees cold inner philadelphia 19 in mount pocono. fifteen in atlantic city this map will be more draafternoon, t going to get out of 40's. is there an easterly wind, ocean walter temperatures in the lower 40's. we are breezy, nastyng chilly wd and temperatures kind of stuck in the low to mid 40's across the region. mount pocono at 30 at this hour with drizzle ice accumulation on the untreated surfaces, some elevated surfaces such as bridges, ov mind. as far as heavy rain we are not showing you the on radar we have mist and drizzle possible throughout the steady showers will arrive, later on tonight and certainly impact us for the start of the
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workweek. so monday, tuesday, better chance to see widespread rain but today an overcast, dreary day, upper 40's for fail and shore. in the upper 30's for the poconos but you know what these temperatures are bad for runners, so we have got love run this morning, half marathon on the parkway temperatures hanging out in the mid 40's for the entire event. high deal conditions for runners, this is cold, spectator certainly will need a heavier jacket. don't worry we have 60's and zero seven's making a return this week. we will talk bit in a few minutes. jan, back to you. >> good news for runners, thanks, justin. philadelphia love run half marathon will be underway in an hour now. thousands of runners are expected to take part in the 13-mile challenge, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is lives where runners are gearing up for this big event, hi there, anita? >> reporter: hi there, jan. we are seeing a ton of runners getting ready for this race, the 13-mile run will be happening, very soon, and we are seeing, tons of the people
6:32 am
joining me is chris pierce who made quite the trek, tell us bit. >> yes ma'am, a group of us came up from richmond, virginia we have 69 of to us day that will be running the philadelphia love run. we are excited about it. it is just a great time so we are real excited. >> reporter: you got your own shirts made, let's see. >> i'm with the pack. >> we got approval, to do the philly love run, love there, so just work with the race director. we have a group of people here to be exited to come up to philadelphia. >> reporter: thinks fourth annual year, sold out again but first year you have decided to do this. can you tell us burr fitness journey and what inspired to you start running. >> couple years ago i stepped on the scale and over 280- pound. i just really realized i needed to do a lot to turn my life around. i have a lot of obesity, diabetes in my family. i was heading toward same path needed to make changes. running community is just a
6:33 am
tremendous group of people, so exciting, inspirational, and i have gone from running a 10k that i'll be running next week in richmond for my third year to running three marathons now and doing another, half here, so really excited. >> reporter: congratulations to you. a marathon to me business 2 miles. you are eating me buy a lot. so what kind of training goes into these races. >> we as a group we get together to do a team run, every sunday, in richmond but we run a couple times during the week. one of the ladies behind me we run together along the week. it depend what you are training for, different runs, different lengths building up over a course of the couple months. marathon training takes about six months if you had are a beginner but it is worth it, every single bit of it. >> reporter: welcome to philadelphia we just had national cheese steaks day. have you had a cheese steaks yesterday. >> yes, reading terminal. been here once before. we had to get back n we got cheese steaks, we got duck, we got grapes, just everything,
6:34 am
amazing food, amazing personality, and monk's cafe a lot of beer lovers. we had a great time in philadelphia. it is an awesome city a lot of fun. >> reporter: good luck. you are doing philly correctly congratulations to you. race will kick off around 7:30 here at the art museum. this is start and finish. our very own rahel solomon will be running in the race so we will catch up with her as well. live at art museum, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i think reading terminal market a great place to fuel up for half marathon. >> got to get that cannoli afterward. >> thanks, neat a we w one day after g.o.p. health care plan failed to come up for a vote pro and anti trump supporters faced u.s.a., u.s.a. >> reporter: pro trump rally marched to independent mall and then anti trump demonstrations started chanting over the pro trump group. off cans of smoke, police cited two people
6:35 am
for disorderly conduct but there were no arrests. as wendy gilette reports, rally with writeonnationwide the vice-president promises that the fight will continue for a new health care bill. >> reporter: vice-president pence promised small business leaders in west virginia that the fight to repeal obama carries not over. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people, it was a victory for status quo in washington d.c., and it was a victory for disaster of obama care but i promise you, that victory won't last very long. >> reporter: president trump tweeted obama care will explode and we will all get together and car pplan for the people. do not worry. republican lindsey graham says both parties need to work together. >> the president should reach out to democrats, i should reach out to democrats and weett at doing this together because
6:36 am
it ain't working doing ourselves. >> reporter: democrats celebrated the collapse of the republican plan at town halls on saturday. >> we killed the bill that he had going. it was a terrible bill.present e america great rallies across the country saturday including in new york, some republican is here admit they are disappointed right now. >> republican party blew it. >> i would not call it a deif the but making sure that it gets done right. >> reporter: violence broke out in one rally in huntington beach, california where 2,000 marchers encountered 30 counter protesters. arrest where is made in omaha, nebraska, top republicans and the president said they are ready to move on to other issues, including tax reform. wendy gilette for cbs news, new york. one person is in custody following a deadly shooting on the vegas strip. together las vs metropolitan police department one person died after a man in
6:37 am
his 50's passengers on a bus traveling on the vegas strip. the suspect then barricaded himself inside of that bus as it came to a stop in front of the paris, hotel and casino. traffic up and down the busy boulevard came hours, and the man eventually surrendered to police. las vegas police are investigating a jewelry store robbery inside casino complex. robbery sent frightening guest s fleeing, up to seven mask suspect smashed windows with sledgehammers nou can see officers swarming the area as to your wrist steeredbellagio il high end, jewelry and watch stores including tiffany, harry. still to come on "eyewitness news", what it takes to bring a major broadway production right here to philadelphia pat gallen will take us behind the scenes of the king and i, plus this. i'm chris mar teen necessary los angeles, coming up a new report reveals just how big of a problem drowsy
6:38 am
driving is. i don't know what will>> a e driving, what heaold sister did to save their lives. and a rainy, rahway to end the weekend. there are more rain workweek, wt the weekend. there are more rain workweek, wt need your umbrella, coming up
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a classic broadway play has made its way to philadelphia the king and i is here for a two week stay and "eyewitness news" reporter pat r aook at how they put together such a huge production. >> ♪ >> reporter: from broadway to broad street the one of the most iconic plays of all time is in philadelphia at the academy of music. we got a behind the scenes look at into moving such a massive production. cherry hill native steve, runs the production. >> king and i travels in seven
6:42 am
tractor trailers in seven, 50- foot trailers, it takes us two days to load the show in. sixteen hours spread over two days. we have touring day which is 15 people that travels with us the whole time and every city we pick up an additional 56 to 60 locals. all in we're 69 people and that includes our cast, crew, management, our tour musicians we have a lot of kid in the show so we have their parents, we have two full-time dudors that we travel. >> reporter: since november the show has gone coast to coast with houston being the latest city. actor anthony chen saying travel is grueling but the cast keeps them going. >> having kid to the show brings life to have one since kid are constantly smiling. they bring joy to the adults, even on my glummy days. >> reporter: final piece is the orchestra which also has a philadelphia flare. >> we travel were four musicians and we pick up 13 local musicianness every city that we go to.
6:43 am
>> you have a philadelphia connection is that correct. >> i live here. i live at 12th and lombard so nice to be able to walk over here from my house in center city. >> reporter: all that culminate in a two week stay through april 2nd. pat gallen, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so justin our floor direct other deb gives that two thumbs up. she saw it this thursday, you, however, forecast, not too good. >> not too good. this time of the year it is all about wind direction and sky cover. yesterday we had southerly wind, little bit of sunshine. today we are flipping those wind off the ocean, cloud shore, you can see ocean is wind. we have to remember this time of the year ocean's pretty cold in the lower 40's. so that chilly flow off water keeps our temperatures much to 77. degrees, official high temperature in philadelphia, way above average, 20 degrees above average. today we're lucky to get to 48 this afternoon. almost a in less than 24 hours and there you go, high pressure knowing
6:44 am
into new england. flow around the high gives us a easterly wind. you will see england 306789 in boston, burlington, to 22, in bar harbor, maine but south of the cold front we are still in the 50's richmond and norfolk, virginia but that ocean water at 42. back door cold front that came through yesterday engine and came from the north. normally they are west to east that brings that off the ocean generates cloud, overcast conditions, spotty showers and drizzle at times and overall temperatures are just much cooler. this time of the year, very common for those front to come from the north and northe. sustained wind out of the east at 10 to 15, strong's long the coast, we could have gusty wind, possibly up to near 30 miles an hour, long the new jersey and delaware coastline today. not a whole lot of heavy rain to talk b a lot of cloud, though, steady precipitation, in the form of rain and freezing drizzle to our north but still, some pockets of light, spotty showers, drizzle may develop this morning into the afternoon. steady rain to the west, that
6:45 am
will come in here later tonight, monday, tuesday, here's the setup, we have talked about this front. it is lingering over the mid-atlantic for a couple days and flip flopping to the north and south. right new to our south. it is cool, overcast tomorrow, moves back north as a warm front. we will get widespread showers tonight and into early tomorrow morning and we will get milder air back n we have highs back in the 60's. stays warm with more showers around as a cold front approaches until this front passes we will not clear it out this front should clear us later tuesday. i think by wednesday we will see some sunshine. overall pattern is active, front moves back and forth, north and south, dictating temperatures. today cool side. tomorrow warm again. here are numbers, like i said mid to upper 40's at best, stuck in the 30's in the mountains, lehigh valley low to mid 40's for you guys, it is not much change in the te afternoon, mid up toker 40's
6:46 am
around philadelphia and, surrounding suburbs. not muchrsey and delaware. tomorrow, widespread 60's. forty-eight for the high, clou cooler, some drills, east wind at 10 to 15. tonight after sunset there will be spotty showers that moved in overnight impacting your morning community making it slower. temperatures in the 40's. off to the races tomorrow mid as special lit in the first half of the day, tuesday a couple showers, maybe a thunderstorm 27 for the high and finally we will see sunshine, for wednesday and thursday and should feel good. >> thanks, justin. triple a says one in five deadly crashes involving drowsy driving, now a government group wants to see changes to reduce the number of crashes. chris martinez, reports. >> this dash cam video shows what can happen when adriver doses off. >> i never once talked to him about driving tired.
6:47 am
>> reporter: six year-old carrie warner lost her son tyler to the crash. police say he fell asleep at the wheel. >> i remember screaming at the top of my lungs and sort of collapsing, because that could not be true. >> reporter: new report from the national highway traffic safety administration estimates 1.2 million collisions every year because of drowsy driving, killing up to agency says that steps need to be taken to prevent drowsy driving, including more signs, warning people of the dangers. but the group is also calling for more space to make laws punish drivers that falls asleep at the wheel. >> mercedes benz has developed attention assist. >> reporter: technology may also help, several auto makers including mercedes and ford have systems that can read your steering habits and detect when you are drowsy. >> it gives an audible, visible warning in your instrument cluster. >> people are reminded that they need to pull over and rest and that is aid good thing. >> reporter: kelce mayes from
6:48 am said people should not rely on their vehiclal loan to wake them up. >> it is important that you recognize the signs of your own drowsiness before you get behind the wheel. >> reporter: doing so could mean the difference, between life and death. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, this story is really incredible, an eight year-old girl from arkansas is called a hero for saving her adult sister and niece after her sister had a seizure while driving. her big sister and niece on highway 105 when in e drivers s. jada didn't think twice she called 911 explaining to the dispatcher what was happening while she worked to stopeanagedr into neutral and pull her two-year old niece from the back seat. >> from now on, what is your emergency. >> my sister, i don't know what happened, it looks like she just had a seizure. >> i was terrified. i was confused.
6:49 am
i didn't know what was happening. >> well, big sister now called little sister a hero, r she's doing much better after her visit to the doctor. she doesn't know when or if she will be able to get back behind the wheel, incredible, wow. still to come this morning championship dreams of the flyers take a big hit in columbus. sports is up ♪ we buy any car ♪ any make, any model, any age, any price ♪ ♪ from 50 bucks to 100 grand ♪ any, any, any, any
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the season after yesterday's loss in columbus. michael neuvirth got the start , steve mason got the day off to rest no score in the second blue jackets with the crack, windberg tips the puck past cou not beat their former team may sergeiob 6 shots and blue jackets stopped the flyers one to nothing. >> yeah, we follow the game. i think they did a lot ofthingsa same story every game. we just need to find a. points as we can, so yes, now we have to win. that is all there is to it. >> they played well. necessity where the puck was. didn't find a way to get that rebound somehow. you know, he is the best goalie in league. we put a lot of shots on the
6:53 am
net. we lost the game, bottom line. >> spring training, winding down forhills, five more games and in the florida sunshine before opening day nnati. fightins playing red sox down two to blanco whose grounder goes into right field for a hit. tommy joseph with score.he top h phillies down three-two, chris dauphin with the fly ball to the left but red tyler hill will drop it, run will score and phillies and red sox played to fightins will host pirates this afternoon. sixers back in action tonight when they take on the pacers. they are one-two so far on the five game road trip that end tuesday night, against the nets. high school basketball, hundreds of reading fans, went to hirsch toy see their team, play pine richland in the 6a state finals. red knights broke the game opened in the fourth quarter, bobby walk are in for the dunk to seal the deal. wait is over for reading. they will win their first state title, with a 64-60
6:54 am
victory. the girls 5a championship game between archbishop wood and trinity, wood looking for itle lady vikings led wire to wire, and the three pointer right there and girls from archbishop wood joined the boys team as state pi26 victory. high school basketball class 3a girls state chpi and bishop canavan. after a slow start, goretti got rolling. nixon had 19. newman goretti wins the 62-56 victory. and boys class 4achpionshipe strong, vincent, they le from the start. darren russell scoring, so, they will take he championship 80-52. congratulation toss all of our teams. we told but story about eagles offensive lineman brandon brooks and eagles fan, jeff lane a of ohio grad and asked him to come to his wedding.
6:55 am
he said yes, guess what, he kept his word. here he is with his wife, and newly married couple, jeff a marne lane. so congratulations. a job very brandon. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. villanova students laced up their dancingo the floor for2 hour dance marathon to raise money to fight childhood cancer. nova dance donates every cent to the andrew mcdonough be positive foundation which helps fund medical treatments and other financial need for families fighting various one p0 people, were on the floor, dancing, for families, that a literally a the fundraiser, life safer. >> an amazing feeling to see the students of, university of d fight childhood cancer and support the andrew mcdonough be positive found days. it brings my son, enormous joy
6:56 am
>> participating students wore colorful headphones to hear the music of their choice, so really, they were dancing at a silent disco. pretty cool. in drexel hill, delaware county, hundreds took part in the fourth annual sunshine and bubbles 5k run and walk. "eyewitness news" anchor rahel salmon a graduate of archbishop prendergast high school was grandmoney raised wir tuition scholarships. so far $65,000 has been raised through the run in the past fourll, th is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have, coming up for you at 7:00. ready, set, run, thousands of runners taking part in the love run half marathon. raised key interest rate that could affect money in your wa explain. and after a great start to the workweek a cool, dreary drabick's
6:57 am
eyewitness weather forecast is coming up this sunday
6:58 am
6:59 am
"eyewitness news" begins with breaking news, gunfire inside of cincinnati nightclub more than a dozen people have been rushed to the hospital, and police say there was more than one gunman. philadelphia is among the cities where pro trump supporters hold rallies and also where they come
7:00 am
face-to-face with ain't trump protesters. and thousands, get ready to hit the ground running this morning from center city to fairmount park and back again we are live at the start of the love run half marathon. today is sunday, march 26th, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist justin dray wick with the eyewitness weather forecast, good sunday morning, justin a good day for the run. >> it is a cool day for a run. we are dealing with hot temperatures. i get that. i understand. that but sky conditions similar, but temperatures big difference. >> you can feel that change. felt like spring yesterday morning this morning we are going back to the late winter- type feel with temperatures in the 40's. they will be stuck in the 40's all day long. that is 30 degrees colder then yesterday, it felt like late spring with highs in the upper 70's. overcast now, 43 at the airport. east wind at 14. this year with the east wind coming off very cold


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